Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale

These conditions of sale, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties govern the purchase contracts between seller and buyer relating to products marketed by the company EU.RO. TRADE COMM PLUS SRL Str. Saliste nr 120 Balomiru de Cimp Romania.

Adherence to conditions

The customer who after placing an order, gives confirmation by phone to our company, automatically orders the purchase of selected products and undertakes to perform its duties of collection and payment of the same. It also declares that it has read and accepted all the regulations set out below, including the conditions of withdrawal, return, guarantee, which are intended to be valid until further variation duly communicated or written between the parties. By registering and transcribing personal details, the customer undertakes not to provide false or misleading information, knowing that this could lead to a criminal complaint. EU.RO. TRADE COMM PLUS SRL Str. Saliste nr 120 Balomiru de Cimp Romania declines therefore any responsibility in case of supply of false data and reserves the right to make any complaint to the competent authorities.

To be identified and contacted

Pay through one of the payment services indicated by the operator; Be available, in accordance with the terms of the courier, to receive the products ordered; Do not provide false reviews and false experience in using the products, whether it is the operator's site or third party sites not directly managed by the company.


For the agreement between the operator of the site and the buyer have come into force San Marino rules on trade and in particular electronic commerce.

Product quality and responsibility of the site operator

The products that are advertised and sold through the site meet the highest possible quality standards and have been verified in their functionality. With regard to the use by subjects in not perfect state of health, the operator of the site disclaims any responsibility. The information on the site can in no way replace the doctor-patient relationship and can not be considered a substitute for the diagnosis made by a professional, which is always necessary in the event that the user suffers from established diseases, or suspects even the possible presence.

Privacy Policy

The operator of the site reserves the right to collect, within the limits established in relation to the collection of sensitive data and protection of privacy, data concerning, including through the use of technical cookies, the browsing habits and preferences of the user.

Collections and deliveries

Order online on a website owned by EU.RO. TRADE COMM PLUS SRL Str. Saliste nr 120 Balomiru de Cimp Romania or third party is equivalent to booking the products in our warehouse, so the customer will undertake to collect them personally or through third parties at our headquarters located in Balomiru de Cimp (Romania). Once we receive an email confirming the order, the contract is considered accepted by us and we will start the delivery phase. The company EU.RO. TRADE COMM PLUS SRL Str. Saliste nr 120 Balomiru de Cimp Romania reserves the right not to accept the purchase proposal at a later date without interceding in penalties or additional duties. The collection of the goods must be made by the customer or by third parties that he must indicate when placing the order. Not indicating any, the customer will directly instruct its courier.

Collection of orders on site

The collection of orders on site by the customer can be made

In the event of disputes, the company reserves the right to access the competent courts located at in Balomiru de Cimp (Romania)