We helping you for start your trade goods business in Europe

We helping you for start your trade goods business in Europe

We helping you for start your trade goods business in Europe

About EU.RO. Trade Comm Plus

Our mission

EU.RO. Trade Comm Plus SRL is a service company for trade goods and reselling in all world. Our headquarters is in Balomiru de Cimp, Romania. Our customers choose us because we can create all types of online businesses. We have several departments specialized in their own sector.

  • Search Best Goods
  • Strategy Development
  • Landings Development
  • Social Marketing
  • Call Center Service

Our Services

Search Best Goods

We seek the best products to market and provide our technical advice.

Strategy Development

We create the best product sales strategy.

Landings Development

We develop all product landing pages with new design standards.

Social Marketing

We develop all the social marketing strategies in the various online platforms.

Call Center Service

Our qualified operators will answer all customer questions.

24/7 Support

We dedicate ourselves a lot to the customer. Our assistance is always active.

Faq Question

Yes sure! We take care of many online business opportunities. We are traders and we develop solutions for companies that want to buy products.

We offer different services based on the needs of our customers. We have a team prepared for every type of business.You can choose the services you need.

Because we have all the skills you are looking for. We have decades of experience in the field.

Yes, we have a department specially prepared to meet all the needs in both inbound and outbound calls.

Sure! We have a department that deals with product scouting and find all the trendy products you can sell immediately.


Every business that you decide to start needs a design. We design your best business ideas so that they can become successful.

Many companies ask us to design their business because they do not have the skills and knowledge to do it on their own.


After the planning phase, the action plan is immediately planned. Every moment must be planned. Every piece of the puzzle must fit together well.

Planning requires particular project managing skills. In the various companies, you often can't plan because you don't know exactly how to do it. We do it for you.


The success of a business derives from planning and planning. We bring your business to success because we love doing it. It is our passion and mission.

Success does not happen in an instant but requires patience, dedication and a lot of sacrifice.

Welcome To EU.RO. Trade

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Our special Team

Steven Ardelean

Web developer

Raresh Grigorescu

Strategy marketing

Linda Şerban

Key account management

Eric Dumitru

Communication management

Some Of Our Best Products

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Welcome to EU.RO. Trade Comm Plus

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